May 18, 2021

West Highlands Construction Commences
Aberdeen Highlands Development Corp. is pleased to announce commencement in completing the West Highlands neighbourhood.

Upon completing the easterly area of the West Highlands development (Kinross & Linfield Drive’s) in 2016, extensive planning for the westerly lands, being the area above the Westerdale subdivision is now completed and construction of the first of 3 final phases has been started.

Major construction activities are planned to start in the next few weeks and includes a number of activities, including stripping of development areas, blasting, site grading and processing of rock that will be used in the development. As we move forward we will be adding updates on the development activities and progress.  So please check back often.  

For those in the neighborhood that have been using the area for walking, hiking and biking, we are sorry to advise that during construction the entire area will be restricted from all public access/use.  With all the activities that will be going on, we cannot have the public accessing the area, even after work hours or on weekends.  Signage and fencing will be erected.  We appreciate your adherence to these restrictions as it is for everyone’s safety.  Once the development is completed there will be walking and hiking paths for public use.  

We anticipate the hours of construction will be 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.  We recognize there will be some disruption to our neighbors as constructions proceeds, for some, there will be no or little noise, for those who back onto the development area there will be more noticeable noise during the daytime work hours, depending on the type of work that day/week. For this we apologize in advance and promise that we will work hard to expedite construction and minimize the nuisance as best we can.  

The first phase of development will be the extension of Linfield drive and completion of 19 single family lots, installing main sanitary and storm services, construction of a storm drainage pond and storm connection to Guerin Cr.  To minimize the disruption to the neighborhood and maximize resources additional cut and fill work for Phases 2 & 3 will be ongoing and simultaneous.   As there is no confirmed completion date for any of the lots, we are not taking reservations at this time. Once a confirmed completion schedule is known we will be posting announcements as to development/purchase opportunities.

In order to minimize the inconvenience, Aberdeen Highlands is striving to complete the final phases as quickly as possible.  We thank everyone and your patience and co-operation during this construction period.